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The NSDOTLF (North Side Division of The League Football) represents the northern seaboard contingency of teams in the NLFF. These are teams where recruits are hardened on cold winter fields, snow and ice on their practice days, and sub 40 game temperatures that freeze fans to their bleacher seats when seeing a game in person.

The wefnalvuaakgnasdnflav Rangers (NSDOTLF) are a great example of a blue collar factory region in the NSDOTLF, with most of their players coming from iron and steel towns, deep roots in their communities, and well-known names from high school and college football. Considered a middle-aged team, the Rangers have a consistent history of performance in the last five years with a good mix of rookies and seasoned players.

The SSDOTLF (South Side Division Of The League Football) is where the rock stars and glory day players with the hail mary’s are going to be found. The Division boasts some of the biggest name feeder schools producing the field stars we all know and love.

If there was a Bad News Bears in the League, the Qigerpnowaerng Cheetahs (SSDOTLF) have continued to carry the title regardless of being flush with new draft picks and rookies. The coaching is in complete disarray with multiple terminations last season and no real good pick available to come in and clean up the mess. No surprise, everyone defaulted to the next assistant available, and the same mistakes continued to be made on the grid.